Hello Summer!

Good weather is finally here. Seems like we got our spring weather late so summer is just starting. Hosting a baby shower for Heather this Saturday at Heartfelt Creations. Guests will get to put together page kits for Jaxson’s first album. I think it will be a lot of fun.


Happy Mother’s Day

Had a really nice day today.  Brent fixed a wonderful brunch of Dutch Oven and pancakes.  I did some fruit.  Heather, Harley, Alan, Shannon, Cole, Hailee, Vickie and Dennis all cam over.  The weather was finally nice.  I think the tops of my feet got a little burned, yipee!  But was a wonderful Sunday.

crappy couple of weeks

My back is not good! Just under my shoulder blades so the pain makes it hard to breath sometimes. Two weeks in a row my entire Saturday is wasted, laying in bed – this sucks! Oh and on a lighter note, went to the Dr. this week and results of blood tests confirm I am officially an old woman now! But hey I did go get a fabulous new doo today, Candace totally rocks!!!

sometimes you step in it!

Really bummed on what I missed out on this week. My buddy Lori from high school had a daughter get married and I really wanted to run up and see Lori. Saturday I was supposed to go to Heartfelt and do some fun challenges, no go. Damn migraines!!!!! I actually lost three days in the last 7 to these stupid things, and that is just to much.
I did manage to get out for scrapping on Friday night with Vicky and Patty, but that was just not enough. Next week will be better, right???

wow, what a week

Last week was crazy for me.  So very glad to be done with the on site audit and back to working from home.  I just love being able to work in my jammies.  Happy dance time for me!  Still need to take the time to learn the new photoshop elements so I can post photos.  Hmmm, should probably go work on that now.


Ok so of course I am now baby obsessed.  Had to hit the USA Baby store in WVC on Thursday night.  Wow, are there tons more choices than when I had Alan.  These really cool porta-crib things with newborn napper inserts and changing inserts.  They are awesome!  One of them will have to come live at my house!  This week my project must do is get the scrapbook room moved down stairs so I can start working on my “girl cave”.  I am going to have my own tv room where I can watch whatever I want!  Yipee no more news and sports 24/7 crap.  I am going to buy myself a decent sized TV and move my recliner in here.  Then I can have a space for baby stuff too.

It’s a Boy

Oh so very excited to know the sex of grandchild #7. Feeling very – hmmm can’t think of the right word. I was just so touched that Heather called and let me share in the ultrasound today. I have never seen one and the emotions that go through you as you watch the movements of this growing life are so amazing!

back to work

Had a wonderful time at Scrapaway. Top 10
1-Natalie really has some moves!
2-Patty can snore with the best of them!
3-Lindsay keeps saying she doesn’t scrap, but got tons of pages done.
4-Wendi was late, big surprise there.
5-Vicky had the most fascinating childhood.
6-Great to see Cassie again.
7-New friends Christina, Taelor and Shelia (she came not knowing anyone)!
8-Marci is an amazing cook
9-Ronie makes even driving home interesting. Shout out to JC for the rescue of 5 crazy women who can’t change a tire!
10-Time with cousin Vickie was wonderful!

Really good at

promising to keep this thin updated! Really poor at following through! Heading to Scrapaway with my friends on Thursday. Very excited for several days on uninterrupted creating!!

I give up!

I keep fighting it, but nothing seems to work.  My body just does not like to sleep at night.  I have spent the last three nights determined to sleep with no luck.  What  is the deal with my brain??  So my new schedule is sleep from 5am to noon.  It’s crazy, but that seems to be the best for me.  Hubby says I should just stop fighting it.  Boy am I lucky to have the kind of job where I can work all night from home.  Which reminds me…  time to get back to it.

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