already neglecting

my blog!  Yikes!!!  My weekend was nice, on Saturday I spent the entire day finally organizing my ribbon.  It was all just loose in a box, but now it is all sorted by color and hanging on rings in the closet.  I like it!!  Sunday I worked on a little project for a friend.

Yesterday I got some amazing news – I won a contest on Creating Inspirations!  I am so excited I can’t believe I won.  It was a Dream Street contest titled Dreams and Ambitions.  I made this really cute box for my dgd out of the Baylee’s Garden kit.  Here are the pics of the box.

front Don’t you just love these pom pom’s and the bling?!

top There is no such thing as to much ribbon!

back The back gets a little bling and a rub on from my favorite designer Danelle!

inside A message for my granddaughter Kiahana telling her this box is for her secrets and dreams!

I still can’t believe I won!!  Check out Beth’s site, she put together the most amazing kits!  The link is on the left for Creating Imaginations.


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