nice that there was good news

earlier this week.  Cause yesterday I got laid off!  I really have been expecting something like this for a couple of months, but still really hard.  My boss was really upset and felt really bad about the whole situation.  Brent and Alan came and helped me pack up my office, then yesterday afternoon I got a migraine and it is still hanging on tonight.  Can’t afford the Imitrex that would help this so I just have to suffer through it.  Kept me down all day today.  I am having Harley, Kiahana and Dominic over tomorrow afternoon to decorate some cupcakes for St. Patty’s day and planning on going to a crop in Ogden on Saturday.  The headache better be gone in the morning!!!

Anyway here’s a little project I finished up yesterday before the pain really took over.

tinI put this up on ebay just to see what happens.  I have a bunch more Stampin’ Up sets on there also.   Well guess I will try and get some sleep.  More tomorrow on the job hunt and I’ll post some pics of the cupcake decorating fun!


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  1. VanC Said:

    OMG! Are you Okay? do you need me to bring some Lortab by? Then I’ll be your dealer instead of the other way round LOL Seriously, I hope your migraine is better today. I’m so glad you are still planning on cropping with me tommorrow. Sending Cyber(((Hugs))) & Squishy Squeezes.Vicky

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