I have sooo been neglecting my blog.  Tons has happened!  I have started working at my favorite lss “Heartfelt Creations” – having tons of fun there.  Brent started a job this last week at the local hometown hardware store and is enjoying that.  Funny thing – the owner of the lss is also the manager of the hardware store, so Brent and I have the same boss!

My grandfather died last week so went to Tooele for the funeral.  He had alzheimers so the death was more of a blessing than anything else.  While there took flowers to cousin Ray’s grave – that really shook me.  Seems like the older I get the more I feel his loss.  Man I worshiped that guy!  Was telling Brent that I like to think Ray and I would have been friends as we grew older, he was just two years older than me.  Such a loss at the age of only 17.  I still dream about him quite often.

Yesterday was National Scrapbook Day.  We had an “all nighter” at the store, open from Friday at 9am until Saturday at midnight.  Crazy women and lots of fun!  I did manage to work on an SIU swap on Friday night and one layout yesterday, in between my work schedule.  I’ll try to get it posted this week sometime.


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