layouts I did over the weekend

Kit publish to fast on the last post and I don’t seem to know how to edit – oh well!

brothers this is my Dad – the smallest one – and his two brothers, taken 1929 or 1930

family this pic was actually the background of an different closeup and I liked all the kids eating together – comments please!

Hailee my oldest granddaughter Hailee.  Check out the cute charm I got at Mom and Me!!

worshiped my cousin Ray who was killed in a car accident on New Year’s Day 1972 – this was a hard layout for me, but really needed to be done.  There is some additional journaling on a pull out.

I also worked on a mini book with pics from the Father’s Day BBQ.  Just needs a few embellishments then it’s done.  A productive weekend for me!


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  1. Cheryl Said:

    It was such a nice surprise to see your comment on my blog. WOW, you’ve been busy. Best of luck with the new business. Scary/exciting times for you.

    The LO’s are great. I did two wedding albums and then haven’t done much scrapping since. I haven’t even finished my own wedding album! I’ve been addicted to card making lately. I’ll be so excited to break out the AW stamps you helped me get last year so I can make some Christmas cards/LO’s.

    Take care & drop by the blog anytime.

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