what am I doing

Here I am sitting at the computer, wishing I were scrapbooking.  So why am I not in there doing what I love??  Here’s a pic of what the room looks like right now.

messy scrap room

How do I let things get like this??  So today I will spend getting this room back in shape.  Have a really cool drawer system that I am going to refurbish and use in here.  I’ll post pic after it’s all painted.


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  1. Judi Said:

    You really have alot to say!. I’ve been reading since you let me know you were bloging. Very interesting. My sewing room looks alot like your scrap room. My home isn’t that much better. Hay the dishes are done and the laundry is kept up, the floors and dusting not so much. The bathrooms get it once a week, that’s enough for two of us using our own. Anyway, thanks for letting me into your part of the world.

    Greg surprised me this weekend, he came in on Friday and left this am. So good to see him. I just love my kids to death. They are my heart and sole!!!!! What would I do without them.

    Carry on and again thanks for the peak into your world. Love to all, Judi

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