do you know

how many cards a Hallmark store has in stock?  To freakin’ many!!  And don’t get me started on the ornaments and Willow Tree stuff – yeesh!  The annual inventory for our three Hallmark stores is over – thankfully!  That was four really long days.  But hey, after the last store they gave me 20% off on the ornaments I wanted for 2007 so that was cool.  Our total invoice to them will pay-off the Am Ex balance – so that is great.  The business is actually working out very well, don’t have to work everyday and the income covers the bills.

I have signed up for some online classes from Mellie – going to start working on my October book this weekend.  It’s deer hunt so going to Jackie’s with Pam and Chris on Saturday to scrap.  It’s their tradition up here so I am going to join in.

Brent is sick, flu type stuff – so now I have to try really hard not to get it.  There are no sick days when you are self employed, lol.


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