I’ve been tagged

Wow my very first tag!  Here goes

Four jobs I’ve had-

inventory company owner

advertising sales for newspaper – fun job, really horrible boss

event coordinator for convention center – LOVED this job, just to political

mortgage banker for 25 years

Four places I’ve lived

Murray, Utah

Denver, Colorado

San Jose, CA

St. George, UT

Four movies I Love- yikes only 4?


It Happened One Night

The Italian Job


Four Movies I would like to see

The Kingdom

Casino Royale – the new one


Oceans 13

Four Foods I Love-

Pasta Factory Tomato Basil Linguini with White Clam Sauce

pork roast with potatoes and carrots

Hot Tamales – (yes Ra candy is food!)

ice cream

Four Weird things about me

going to a gas station that I’ve never been to really freaks me out, sometimes I almost run out of gas to avoid the new place and get to one I’ve been to before

I love to be up late at night – the quiet just really entices me – for scrapping or reading or whatever

If I love a book I will read it several times, I have series that I look forward to new releases and when one comes out I read it, then go back and read the entire series.  (dh thinks this is the strangest thing he has ever seen)

I hate Dr. Pepper.  When I was pregnant it was all I drank, even though it’s been 22 years I can’t even stand the smell of the stuff now.

Four places I’d rather be

north fork of the Duschene river listening to the wind in the quakies

sitting on my patio watching my grandkids play in the back yard

scrapbooking with my friends

having lunch with my Aunt Pear, Grandmother May or Cousin Ray

Four people to tag – hmm do I even know four people who read this thing?

VanC, Emily, Cheryl H, Janalee


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  1. emily Said:

    So, looks like it’s my turn, huh? Unless you meant another Emily! LOL In either case, I’ve done it. Hope all is well with you and yes, CKU Provo! Think about it!

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