as my dear sis said

I have not been adding anything here lately. You know how sometime life just gets away from you and you have to hunker down and hide? Well that’s kind of where I’m at lately. I have been doing some scrapping with my Friday night buddies and having fun with that. This winter has been hard on me. It’s our second winter back in SLC with snow, but the weather has been exceptionally bad this past six weeks. So much more snow than is normal for this area. We got another 3″ or so tonight. I have always been okay with winter, I grew up in SLC and I lived in Denver for three years, no that place gets snow! Just seems like the older I get the harder time I have with stuff, like I have this idea that when the sun goes down it’s time for bed. How crazy is that since I am a sever insominac and have been known to stay up til 4am scrapping or reading. Buddy vanc knows that since i have called her at 2am in the past, lol.

Christmas was good, gathered the kids and grandkids on Christmas Eve for dinner and gifts. Crazy snow storm that night! John and Candy were here with Justice and Bailee. He is Brent’s nephew and we are glad they have moved back here from Boise. Grandkids all had a good time and we had lots of food.

Alan and I left for St. George on the 26th and were there til the 2nd of January. A little bit of work and a lot of relaxing. Alan has a new “friend” down there, here name is Alanya and she is really nice. She is food concious so he is eating better and maybe it will rub off on me. He is seriously talking about going to school in the fall, probably up to Utah State in Logan to major in Music Education. I am terrified and excited at the same time. I really want him to pursue a career, just worried about him being away from home. I always felt that if I had waited a couple of years after high school to do college I may have survived it better and not dropped out. As it turned out by the time I wanted to go back I was to established in my career, and had way to many debts! Hopefully Alan can make this work for him.

Brent got a promotion and raise at work recently. He is an Assistant Manager at the hardware store. He really likes his job, he has had to learn some computer skills and he likes the other stuff he has learned also. He is such a people person so he really loves helping the customers and being back in the “old hometown”. People actually say to him “you look like a Lloyd” since he looks so much like his Grandpa, who lived just up the street from the store.

Click on the clause below and you can see a pic of me and Brent.  I’m having some photo issues so I hope this works.

Mr. and Mrs. Clause


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  1. Kristen Said:

    Hey Trudi, this is Kristen for the SIU group. I just wanted to let get you back in the BLOGGING mode so I tagged you on my blog. Check it out for details.

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