I keep thinking

that if I don’t have photos and such I can’t add to my blog.  STUPID!  I started this to be a journal of my daily life, duh!

Oldest dd Shannon is moving here from Tucson, expect her by nightfall.  Really glad she is coming, it will be great to have her and dgd Hailee so much closer.

The girls have been pushing for having family dinner on Sunday for about 6 months, so we started and had the first one on the 1st, he he.  Everyone had a great time and Kiahana got to know her cousin Bailee.  She is John and Candy’s daughter.  When Hailee is here for this coming Sunday I’m sure the three of them will have a great time.  Hoping that Cole can be here too, that way Justice and he can get acquainted.

Shannon is coming to take my place in the inventory stuff.  Alan pretty much quit 3 months ago and the extra work load is killing my body – man I am OLD.  Thank heaven for sil Vicky, she has saved me.  But bad news on the horizon, largest account Harts is thinking of going “in house” with their inventory.  That will kill us.  The make up about 80% of our monthly income.  I gave them an offer of reduced fees and some other ideas for reducing their cost.  Hoping they accept.  Shannon is going to need another job to go along with this one, she was thinking about a server job.  She has a lot of experience in that and other things so I’m sure she can find something up here.  Seems like every where I go they are hiring.

Next step is for me to find a job – yikes.  I sent out a couple of resumes yesterday.  I have kind of been waiting til Vickie – scrapbook store owner gets back from vacation on Thursday.  Hoping that I can convince her to let me work 40 hours there and not worry about looking for anything else for a bit.

Right now I am working on getting my scrap room put back together.  Brent and Dad got shelves put in my closet so I can get it organized and have more actual cropping space.  Yipee!  My girls are hoping to get more “into” scrapping so I need more work space in there.  We are planning on having a monthly scrap night with their cousins.  That would be about 10 of us so we can hoot and holler til the wee hours.

Alan has been having more depression troubles, but hoping that things are looking up.  He has a DATE tomorrow.  I am supposed to be keeping this on the QT but no one reads this except Judi.  I will post more on that later.

Well break time is over, time to get back to work in the scrap room.  I need to hit WalMart and get more magazine holders.


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  1. Judi Said:

    I finally read your blog, how did Alan’s date go? I hope it went well for him.

    Glad to see you finally put something else up here. Sounds like things are as always, about the same. Guess what,?, things are the same here too!! Nothing ever changes I guess. Shane is here for the summer, I’m about half crazy with this, Don does not help at all!! Oh well, life goes on. Brandi is still up and all over the place and bout half nuts herself. Im going crazy these days with all of the crazy folks around me. Anyway, just really wanted to check on Alan and his date. Love to all, Judi

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