I really need to get a life!

Why am I sitting here in front of the computer instead of cleaning in my scrap room??  Well cause it is just no fun!  Worked at Heartfelt today – getting ready for the classes next quarter.  I am going to teach two classes myself.  Probably will make me crazy with taking care of the other teachers also, but I am looking forward to it – hope people sign up for the classes.  Tomorrow I will take pics and try to post them.

I also really need to get a job.  Have been sending out resumes, but nothing happening yet.  I would like to make enough money to pay the bills I need to and still have “fun money”.  So that means $1500 per month, you would think I could do that right?  We apparently I am to old and over qualified for most of the jobs.  I don’t want to be in the mortgage business or be a manager.  I like the idea of being a receptionist – I can do my work and not worry about it in my off hours!  Of course in a perfect world I could work 40 hours at Heartfelt and not have to do anything else that I really won’t like!!

I have been trying to upload some of my layouts somewhere that I can list the products used and just keep them there.  I am resisting Two Peas, but may be stuck there if I can’t get other sites figured out.  The site that I was using is gone now.

I really want to try and start submitting to contests and magazines – of course I also really want to be on a design team.  Hmmm I wonder if submitting stuff might help in that??  So here I sit with a stack of layouts next to me.  I really need to print some pics and do some pages.  Cropping tomorrow night so maybe I can work on something fun.



  1. Ramona Said:

    I was “bad” and cleaned my scrap room today. I am still in recovery mode, but I cleaned anyway. I did watch what I was doing and did not lift more than 5-7 pounds. It was a little more organizational cleaning. I have some heavy things to move, but I need to wait until Marty gets back to move them for me… 🙂 …… missed you on Monday.

  2. Judi Said:

    Just checking in with you. Glad to see you are keeping busy. Im just busy with embroidery and stuff like that. I did an heirloom dress for Claudias grandaughter, Fianna. She is Franks oldest girl. He converted over to the Cathlics and Fianna did her 1st Communion. He takes the girls to church every Sunday and Fianna to religous training every Wednesday, is a single dad and keeps up with homework, cooks and cleans. He has the 3 little girls, His youngest, Julie, has CF, that’s alot to keep up with too. She is 4 this summer. One more year till school, don’t know how that’s going to work. Anyway, hockey is going good for Shane. He likes to fight out on the ice, we are trying to break that, not having much luck! I’m taking up all of your space with a bunch of stuff, more later, i have a five quilt quilting job to finish, 2 1/2 to go, and a 25 piece embroidery order to finish by Monday. Won’t finish, do the best I can. Judi

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