So how did everyone enjoy their 4th?

Me I hid in the scrap room with a VERY frightened little doggy.  Poor Beezer just hates fireworks!  The other two aren’t crazy about them but Beezer is really sensitive to loud noises.  He had to hide under the table in my scrap room just a shaking.

Since I haven’t been working I’ve been doing some “up all night” scrapping.  Look what came in to see me a little after midnight late last week.

our little digger

our little digger

he knows what\'s coming next!

he knows what\

The pics don’t really show how very muddy his feet and face were.  After the sprinklers were done he go into the soft dirt in the garden area and did a little hiding of milk bones.  He is soo funny about hiding dog biscuits.

I’ve been working on some class samples for Heartfelt.  Here is the Heritage Hat Box I’m going to be teaching in September.  Crappy pic but you can get the idea.  Thanks to Mellie for getting me started on this project.

Heritage hat box

Heritage hat box

Now I just need to find the instruction book for my camera so I can turn off the flash and take a decent picture.

Just finishing up the samples for another class – “enjoy being a Girl”  maybe I can post pics tomorrow.


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