so I obviously need to think

before I post!  Here’s a better update.

I got a job working in the deli at Smith’s, lasted 5 days and hated it – I am way to old for cleaning fryers and ovens!  Shannon got a full time job and dropped the inventory stuff so I have to pick that up.  WE only have six stores right now, for the four days work per month I can make the same as 30 hours per week at Smith’s.

I have a few other things going on in Sept.  It’s Scrapbook USA expo so I will be working on kits for Heartfelt, I need to get 20 done by Sept 15th so that’s where I’ll be hanging out from this Friday forward.  I am also going to be helping my friend Marie with the “What a Woman Wants” expo on the 25th for three days.  Between these two things I can cover my rent for October so I’m not really worrying.  For some reason the panic of needing a job has passed, I really feel like what I am doing right now is the right thing.

Alan is going to have surgery on his knee Sept 10th.  We finally went to an orthopedic surgeon (after spending $600+ for an MRI that showed nothing) – the surgeon says that the problem is the tissue that holds the knee cap over the knee is too tight on the outside of his leg.  It’s been getting worse for about six months and is to the point that he can’t really do anything without pain.  The surgery is done with the scope and takes just 30 minutes, recovery is about 3 weeks accoring to what Alan has been reading on line.  I just want him to be able to function.  He even said once this is done he is going to GET A JOB!  I’m really hoping he can find something flexible enough that he can still do the inventories with me.  Well no need to worry yet, it will be after October before I need to think about that!

I am working on getting my portfolio together and try to submit for some scrapbooking work.  I am going to start another blog with just that stuff on it.  Hoping to get that done this weekend.  Well it’s almost 2:00am which is my normal bedtime 🙂

More later!



  1. Judi Said:

    Love the photos! Sounds like you are as busy as always. I’m trying to keep up with hockey more than anything else. Shane got his first goal on Sunday morning, last. He was so tickeled! He got the game puck for the game. We wrote the date and other info on the puck and put it in the china cabinet for him to admire. Let me know how Alan’s knee comes out. I’m pretty much a big mess of pain these days. I do some embroidery work and send it to Claudia, she has a small area of my stuff in the gas station she manages. I do okay with that. Don got me a new machine two weeks ago, it’s a 6 needle machine so I can do more things alot faster. I still work my big black one too. Don learned to work the new one so if I can’t finish a project he can finish it for me. He understands the orders from Claudia too. Really love the photos. Good luch with your scrapbook kits. I’ll order one with a hockey theme. Let me know how much, I’ll send you some $. Love to all, Judi

  2. renee Said:

    The food industry is really hard work! Don’t know if I could have lasted 5 days! Finally made it over here to peek – What fun!! Can’t wait to see some of your layouts!

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