what am I doing?

I really hate coming up with a title for a post!  ds Alan had surgery on his knee Wednesday, he is doing really good so I am hopeful!  He also has a girl friend, really great for his mood – whew!

Here are some of the kits I have designed for Heartfelt for the expo weekend.

The majority of kits are done with discontinued paper and keeping the cost low so I don’t get to go crazy, but they are fun and a challenge.

I have been working like crazy on designing the classes I want to teach in the next quarter at Heartfelt.  I need my samples done by Monday. Here are pics of the first two classes.

The first class is October 9th:

The class is called “Enjoy Being a Girl” it includes everything for three two page layouts all precut and ME!

So what do you think??  Worth $35.00??

Here’s the next class called Original Boy, it’s on October 29th.

I am really into the “hardware” embellishments.  Love that Brent works at the local True Value!  Hope that you can see the “barbed wire” leather cord and handcuffs on the Busted page.

Ok I have probably sent wordpress into overdrive with all these photos.  I’ll post pics of the November classes tomorrow.

And hey – give me some input on these two classes.



  1. Ra Said:

    Way cool Trudie! Love them. I’d definitely have you teach me this…better yet, come here so we can scrap!

  2. Judi Said:

    Really proud of you! Your pages are great! I hope you get alot of students, they will learn a lot from you. Love ya, Judi

  3. Ramona Said:

    I need to get that scrap bug you have…….. now try this: http://scrapnchick.wordpress.com/2008/09/23/abc-tag/

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