my new gallery blog

I finally did it!  The gallery blog is up and running.  Here’s the link for anyone who wants to check it out.  Who am I kidding, here’s the link for Judi!

Some of the stuff is a duplicate of what is on here, but there are a lot of other pages as well.  I’m kind of in a super scrap mode right now so I will be adding more to the gallery soon!  Trying to use up some of my supplies, discovering I have tons of embellies but not so much patterned paper.  Now how did that happen??

I really need to sort my swap kits and stick some pics on those – hmmm what a novel idea, using a swap!  Boy I am a real smart ass tonight.

So did I post anything on here about my new job?  Don’t think so – I am working for Proactive at Fashion Place Mall.  Making more money than the Smith’s job, duh! – and more than most of the office jobs that I applied for.  It’s really kind of fun!  I am enjoying being around the public, and boy do you see some crazy things at the mall!

Let’s see I better throw a layout in here just for fun!  Here’s a clipboard I made for a friend’s daughter.


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