all sorts of stuff

going on in my world.  My new job with Heather is working out quite well.  AKM is opening a Miche Bag cart at Fashion Place.  Heather is going to manage both carts so I will be able to work 38-40 hours per week.  Really happy about that for the holiday season!  With the commission I get paid I can get everything caught up and under control.

Getting ready to take off in about 45 minutes for a Scrapaway Retreat with my Classy Sassy buddies.  Really excited about this, I really need the get away.  Timing is perfect cause when I get back work will start going a little crazy.

My Girl and Boy classes at Heartfelt in October went really well.  A couple of the ladies who took the classes have been taking tons of classes for years and they signed up for mine because of the techniques that they could learn from me.  Made me feel really good!  Next week I have the Toddler Terror class and then in December doing the Senior Rock and Winter Fun classes.  I need to start thinking about next quarter classes, trying to decide if I want to do a love theme or just some generic stuff.  I’ve been toying with the idea of a class for School Picture pages.  Use all the same line and do K-12 plus Graduation??  Going to have to think about that some more and get opinions.

I’ll post next week with some pics of me and my silly bff’s.


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