What a week!

Inventories four days this past week – cripes I am tired.  But the good news is today was the last one for the RB’s chain in Davis County.  Alan is getting a job at MCA where I work so we don’t have to do the RB’s stores anymore.  Inventory is down to one store a month – Cruel Jacks in Rock Springs.  The pay for that one store covers my part of the house payment and it is Alan’s “rent”, plus we like going there to eat.  My audit work is going really well, MCA is so busy they have as much work for me as I want.  It is nice to not stres over money so much.  Shannon and Heather, et al moved out two weeks ago and Kelli will be gone in another week or so – back to a peaceful house!  I love my grandkids but I want to be the fun Grandma, not the daily disciplinarian.

Today is National Scrapbook Day, yipee!  Me and my buds are going to crop at Pebbles in My Pocket down in Orem.  Really excited cause after the week I had I need some fun.  Monday we go to Rock Springs so Sunday will be my “rest” day.


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  1. emily Said:

    Soundsl like a fun time. Wish I could’ve cropped with ya. But will be in Provo in August for CKU…any chance of seeing YOU there?

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