Boy life can really smack you down some times! Dear Hubby’s big brother Steve has struggled with addiction for over thirty years and last week he hit rock bottom, just decided he was done and out of here. Thankfully a sheriff was in the parking lot up the canyon and got him to the hospital, unfortunately next day he goes back and tries it again. Wow to nurses on vacation who notice something is not right! She performed CPR until life flight arrived. Steve has been at U of U Med Center since last Wednesday. Lots of ups and downs for his kids, who are amazing!!! Love them all so much and worry about them! I need to quit letting myself be assigned as dog sitter here at home and get up there to give them some support, but it is hard for me cause I just really want to smack Steve and ask him how the hell he could do this to his kids!!

Saturday was a fun day here starting at just after midnight run to the ER with Alan and Lili. The poor girl was doubled over in pain – diagnosis is acute gastritis and very restricted diet. This after five hours, the economy cut backs have hit nursing in the ER – ain’t that great!

Mom and Dad will be in Park City next week so I am going to head up there for a day with them, need some of that parental unconditional love.

KELLI AND BOBBY RENTED AN APARTMENT!!! Woohoo!!! Moving on Aug 7th. I love them dearly but will be so glad to get my house back to normal.

Ok back to work for me!


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